Complete Agency Solutions

What We Are

Complete Agency Solutions (CAS) is an enterprise task-driven AMS/CRM that includes state-of-the-art Complete Automated Sales Intelligence (CASI) that is designed for agency growth, profitability,and multi-line sales. CAS enables agencies to process new hire, agency wide onboarding, drip campaigns, commission processing, licensing, lead generation, workflow management, and more!


For the past fifteen years, CAS has had a proven track record of supporting thousands of users for one of the most profitable independent brokerages within the industry. After releasing state-of-the-art Complete Automated Sale Intelligence (CASI), CAS has reinvested in Adhoc Realtime analytics and agency features that increase profitability, growth, and multi-line sales of new and existing customers. Over 40 years of experience, the IT team is a staff of experts in security/infrastructure, Senior/Jr. Developers, Database administrator, and Operational Support.


Complete Agency Solutions SAAS is built and supported in the US. At this time, we do not offer offshore assistance. The CAS team consist of multiple employees who have been a part of the process since the beginning, over eight years ago. Experience in infrastructure, security, database design, data warehousing, software application design, and development. Our SAAS solution is configured to meet your agency's needs and expectations. We address the agency's security concerns by offering two-factor authentication and custom Agent/Manager Roles with the client.

Agency Features

  • Immediate ROI
  • Enterprise CRM
  • Email/Domain Hosting
  • Onboarding New Agents
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Commission /advance processing
  • Agency payouts
  • Contract Management
  • Complete Automated Sales Intelligence (CASI)
  • Agency Workflow Approval/Automation
  • Carrier file integration
  • Licensing
  • Personalized Agent Landing Pages
  • Customized Teared Security Features
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Lead Delivery

The Team at Complete Agency Solutions will cater to meet the needs of your agency and ultimately increase profitability. By taking advantage of Complete Automated Sales Intelligence (CASI) you will be maximizing the output of your existing workforce. CASI will also teach new agents good habits form the start in order to ensure success. To contact sales, submit your information below or give us a call.